Ankit M


Ankit Mishra currently serves as a Cyber Security Analyst & Trainer at CAPL/NII. His work focuses on Security Trainings (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing and Forensics) & Projects (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing). His technical abilities span a very wide range of technologies across Networks, Operating Systems, Forensics, Database and Development.

Educational Qualification

  • Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering


  • CEH
  • ACSE
  • CISC
  • CPFA

Detailed Experience & Expertise

  • Network Security
    • Good understanding of Networking and Firewall concepts, including Network Address Tables, Subnets, Proxy services and TCP/IP
    • Well versed with Network based exploitation
    • Cracking WEP, WPA, WPA2 encryption
    • Hotspot Attack on open Wi-Fi Networks
    • Evil Twin Attack
    • Breaking Hidden SSID, MAC Filtering
  • Digital Forensics
    • Disk Forensics with Encase
    • Memory Forensics with Volatility
    • Network Forensics & Log Analysis
    • Data Carving
    • Live Response Windows and Linux
    • Malware Analysis
  • Operating System Security
    • Ubuntu
    • Ubuntu Server
    • Windows (xp/7/8/10)
    • Windows Server (2008/2012)
  • Database Security
    • Good understanding of databases like MySQL
    • Oracle (8i/9i)
  • Programming Languages
    • C, C++,
    • HTML,
    • Java,
    • PHP,
    • Python,
    • Assembly Language

Research and Development

  • Keen interest in Network Security, Mobile Security, Digital Forensics, Malware Analysis
  • Qualys (integration, deployment, various use case) in NII
  • Threat Hunting
  • Packet level Analysis of different protocols (on Security perspective)
  • Security Tool building using Python
  • Windows AD attack & defense

Technical Skills

  • Operating Systems: Windows (XP/7/8/10), Linux (Ubuntu, Kali)
  • Data Storage / Databases: MySQL
  • Programming: Java, CSS, HTML, PHP, Python, Assembly Language
  • Network Components: Firewalls, IDS(Snort), Cisco Switch & Router.
  • Network Monitoring Tools: Wireshark, TCPDump
  • Forensics Tools: Encase, FTK, Sys Internals, The Sleuth Kit tools, WinHex, Volatility, foremost, Scalpel, Internet Evidence Finder, binwalk, bmap.
  • Security tools: Nmap, Tenable Nessus, Qualys, Scapy, Aircrack-ng suite, IkeScan, IkeProbe, IDA, Hping3, Metasploit, BurpSuite, Wireshark, NetCat, Cain & Abel, tcpdump, PWDump, Nikto, SQLmap, OScanner.


  • Certified Professional Hacker (CPH)
  • Certified Information Security Consultant (CISC)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Certified Professional Forensics Analyst (CPFA)


  • VAPT projects related to Network and Web Applications
  • Internal research of Qualys (like integration, deployment, various use case) in NII