About Us:

The Institute of Information Security (IIS) Also known as CyberExcellence Academy Pvt. Ltd is one of the most trusted sources of hands-on trainings in information security providing excellent unmatched practical training to individuals and corporates around the globe for over a decade. With the backing of our brilliant technical team providing consulting services for the past 17 years under the brand name of Network Intelligence, we are here to train, mentor and support your career in cybersecurity. Our emphasis on hands-on practical training gives our clients and students an edge to grow rapidly and advance professionally in their respective career(s).

Network   Intelligence (I) Pvt. Ltd. (NII), incorporated   in   2001, is   a   committed   and well-recognized provider of services, solutions and products in the cybersecurity space. Our team of nearly 500+ professionals have made a mark for themselves with highly satisfied clients across the globe supported by our offices in New York, Dubai, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. With a strong focus on research and innovation, we have built extensive capability around Big Data for Security Analytics, Red Team Assessments, Incident Response, and Security Automation.

We have a strong culture of lifelong learning, research and mentoring. We encourage all our employees to constantly explore their boundaries, attend training programs, obtain certifications and participate in the research efforts of the global cybersecurity community

Why IIS ?

Inspiration by Leadership

We are the leaders in market in the cybersecurity space, you get a chance to learn from & work with the experts.    


We believe in growing along with the people hence we prioritize the personal development of our team members with our processes which provides you a clear visualization of your career path with the help of immense career opportunities within the organization.


People are our core competency & hence your care is our priority, we are one of the few companies’ where you will be supported to do what you love & love what you do.


We believe in excellence and constantly strive to improve ourselves, our teams, and our services and products to become the best.


You have the freedom to be innovative to see the world differently, develop your ideas, and realize your full potential.

Experts to help you at each step

We have mentorship programs to help and assist you in achieving your dream by gaining knowledge through experience & hard work.

Current Openings

Cybersecurity Consultant/Specialist – GRC
Designation: Cybersecurity Consultant/Specialist
Job Code: HR1130
Location: UAE
Experience: 6-7 years
Job Description:
  • Presenting the GRC services to prospective clients
  • Monitoring and manage ongoing GRC project deliveries
  • Prepare technical documents for RFPs / RFQs / Project inquiries
  • Support Sales for any pre-sale’s activities in the capacity of SME
  • Prepare approach documents / methodologies / blogs / white papers for any new regulations / guidelines published by authorities in UAE / MEA Region
  • Provide estimations for RFPs / RFQs / Project inquiries in consultation with GRC Practice Lead
  • Should be well versed with UAE, KSA Cybersecurity Market
  • Should be working in similar capacity or in delivery
  • Relevant experience of 5 years is a must
  • Willingness to travel within MEA region for project monitoring, reviews etc.
  • Should be able to handle project escalations and resolve them
Send your resume to [email protected]
CyberArk Consultant- Solutions
Designation: CyberArk Consultant
Job Code: HR1126
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Experience: 4+ years
Job Description:
  • Cyberark Administration activities (Safe Creation, Accounts onboarding, PACLI automation etc.)
  • Password Management and Handover Activities
  • Basic Troubleshooting of issues on daily basis
  • Monitoring of L1 for Cyberark Team
  • Providing Reports to management
  • Creation of PSM Plugin Connectors
  • CPM Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance of Auto Discovery Accounts
  • Gap Analysis Reports on privileged accounts
  • Windows OS Patching of Cyberark Servers
  • Windows OS Patching of Azure Servers
  • Vault Server Patching
  • DC-DR Drills
  • Dormant account clean up
  • Provisioning and De-provisioning of privileged accounts
  • Audit Review (Internal and External) assisted by L2
  • Non- Compliance activity Investigation
  • Periodic assessments of Assets as per client requirements
  • Approving of Privileged Access Request.
  • Approve, Rejection of Access Request of end users
  • Validation of CRQ tickets against PAM Requests
  • Daily health checkup of cyberark application

Note: Candidate should be within Egypt and should know how to speak Arabic. Send your resume to [email protected]
SIEM Administrator- SOC
Designation: SIEM Administrator
Job Code: HR1044
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 1+ years
Job Description:
  • Act as the subject matter expert for the SIEM solution.
  • Maintain SIEM operations and document current environment.
  • Work with external teams to ensure all necessary logging sources are reporting to the SIEM.
  • Creation of technically detailed reports on the status of the SIEM to include metrics on items such as number of logging sources; log collection rate, and server performance.
  • Assist in troubleshooting and problem solving a wide variety of client issues.
  • Content developer - develop custom parsers, use cases and other relevant content for SIEM
Send your resume to [email protected]
Cybersecurity Analyst- SOC
Designation: Cybersecurity Analyst
Job Code: HR1125
Location: Saudi Arabia
Experience: 1+ years
Job Description:
  • Monitor network traffic and security alerts for potential events/incidents.
  • Conduct initial triage, declare events/incidents, create incident cases, gather evidence, track and update incident status, and identify additional action items. Handle P1 and P2 incidents under the direction of leads and specialists. Follow through to closure P3 and P4 incidents.
  • Detect, document, respond to and escalate events and incidents in accordance with MSS Incident Handling policies and procedures.
  • Demonstrate capabilities and techniques that can be used to mitigate Cyber-attacks and threats.
  • Demonstrate the capability to utilize the Security Tools to investigate and correlate events.
  • Develop reports and/or briefings for events/incidents. Conduct research on emerging security threats.
  • Maintain shift logs for all SOC activities conducted during scheduled hours.
  • Monitor, maintain, and respond to group email and distribution lists.
  • Create tickets for necessary tasks that need to be executed by external teams. Ensure tasks are communicated via email to the respectable team(s), as well as documenting and tracking activities within tickets according to ticketing procedures, and annotating in shift logs according to shift report procedures. Conduct systems and tools health checks.
  • Recommend updates to the wiki with relevant content as it becomes known. Ensure that the phones are forwarded to the “On-Call” or appropriate individual when the office is unmanned.
  • Maintain shift logs for all relevant SOC activities.
  • Conduct internal and external trainings on various topics related to SOC.
Send your resume to [email protected]
Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst– Assessment
Designation: Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst
Job Code: HR1005
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 2+ years
Job Description:
  • Conduct vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for network, web applications, mobile applications and thick-client application
  • Conduct configuration reviews for OS, DB, Firewall, Routers, Switches and other infrastructure components
  • Conduct red-team assessments using social engineering, physical security compromise and other techniques
  • Be well-versed with internal privilege escalation techniques
  • Conduct source-code review using automated and manual approaches
  • Prepare detailed reports as per NII format
  • Ensure timely delivery of status updates and final reports to clients
  • Handle client queries
  • Keep oneself updated on the latest IT Security news, exploits, hacks
  • Contribute technical content – chapter meetings, blogposts
  • Conduct internal and external trainings on various topics related to security assessment
Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst- SOC
Designation: Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst
Job Code: HR1136
Location: Saudi Arabia
Experience: 2+ years
Job Description:
  • Responsible for taking action on alerts, events, and incidents escalated from the Level 1 Analyst
  • Cover L1 tasks and responsibilities in absence of L1’s
  • Act as Incident Response Lead\L2 and mentor for L1’s
  • Monitoring for emerging threat patterns and vulnerabilities
  • Responsible to assist in security monitoring, breach responses, mitigation and root cause analysis
  • Issue threat advisories to client team – on weekly basis
  • Assists with patching recommendations and solution for zero-day threats
  • Coordinates with other internal stakeholders
  • Communicates with management on incident updates
  • Responsible to mentor L1 team for incident analysis
  • Responsible to assist in creating runbooks for incident resolution and updating the incident response run-book database
  • Responsible to mentor L1 team for daily operations and pro-active hunting using existing security tools
  • Responsible to conduct KT for client teams and internal SOC teams.
  • Responsible to work with SIEM – LogRhythm Content Engineer to enhance Security Used cases for the SOC Environment.
  • Responsible to work and integrate Automated Incident Smart Response in the SOC.
  • Able to run down an incident from start to finish without higher-level supervision.
  • Supports execution of emergency procedures and also provide support during incident response as and when required.
  • Manage and report on the activities and performance of the regional SOC team.
  • Provide input to the SOC policies and procedures and correspondingly evaluate and update regional SOC policies and procedures to ensure SOC personnel follow uniform processes.
  • Verify all regional SOC security components are functioning optimally.
  • Provides valuable insight and input to the identification of information security risk within the regional and brand enterprises and recommends priorities for risk mitigation.
Note: Candidate should be within KSA
SOC Manager – KSA
Designation: SOC Manager
Job Code: HR1137
Location: Saudi Arabia
Experience: 4+ years
Job Description:
  • Lead and manage the Security Operations Center
  • Primarily responsible for security event monitoring, management and response
  • Ensure incident identification, assessment, quantification, reporting, communication, mitigation and monitoring
  • Ensure compliance to SLA, process adherence and process improvisation to achieve operational objectives
  • Revise and develop processes to strengthen the current Security Operations Framework, review policies and highlight the challenges in managing SLAs
  • Responsible for team and vendor management, overall use of resources and initiation of corrective action where required for Security Operations Center
  • Perform threat management, threat modeling, identify threat vectors and develop use cases for security monitoring
  • Responsible for integration of standard and non-standard logs in SIEM (LogRhythm)
  • Creation of reports, dashboards, metrics for SOC operations and presentation to Sr. Mgmt.
  • Co-ordination with stakeholders, build and maintain positive working relationships with them
Note: Candidate should be within KSA
Sr. SOC Engineer
Designation: Sr. SOC Engineer
Job Code: HR1134
Location: Saudi Arabia
Experience: 3+ years
Job Description:
  • 3+ years professional experience supporting and maintaining LogRhythm & QRadar platform
  • Responsible to deploy, administer and fix LogRhythm\QRadar security solutions like SIEM, Log management, NTA, UEBA, SOAR etc.
  • Responsible for on-boarding of log sources for supported and un-supported devices
  • Responsible for creating custom parser development for un-supported devices
  • Design HLD\LLD for customers based on experience, best practices and understanding of customer environment
  • Responsible to work with SIEM (LogRhythm & QRadar) content engineer to enhance Security Use-cases for SOC Environment
  • Responsible for the completion of SIEM (LogRhythm & QRadar) Roadmap along with other team members in the SOC
  • Supports definition and implementation of protocols to govern security assessment during on-boarding of new log sources
  • Provide input to the SOC policies and procedures and correspondingly evaluate and update regional SOC policies and procedures to ensure SOC personnel follow uniform processes
  • Verify all SIEM components are functioning optimally
  • Provides valuable insight and input to the identification of information security risk within the regional and brand enterprises and recommends priorities for risk mitigation
  • Assists with patching recommendations and solution for zero-day threats
  • Coordinates with stakeholders internal and customer
  • Communicates with management on Project progress and activities assigned
  • Responsible to mentor other team members
  • Responsible to conduct KT for client teams and internal SOC teams
  • Develop content, analytics and detection around threat actor’s tactics, techniques & procedures that is deliverable through our daily knowledge base updates
  • Integrate new devices and application with SIEM. Perform due-diligence with Company’s IT\OT\ICS architecture to ensure all business-critical assets are integrated with SIEM
  • Share integration pre-requisites for new assets and coordinate with device owners for integrating with SIEM
  • Troubleshoot and rectify any issue related to SIEM environment and escalate and coordinate with vendor for the support whenever required
  • Provide recommendations in tuning and optimization of security systems, SOC security process, procedures and policies.
  • Staying up to date with emerging security threats including applicable regulatory security requirements.
Note: Candidate should be within KSA